Maranta Fascinator Tricolour Prayer Plant for Home or Office (20-30cm Incl Pot)

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  • Latin Name: Maranta leuconeura Fascinator Tricolour
  • Common Name: Prayer Plant
  • Characteristics: The Maranta Fascinator Tricolour is an a very gorgeous indoor plant. The deep red underside of each leaf is just the start, as the foliage is coated in a stunning striped design - the base colour of dark green is joined by a bright green stylized line in the centre, with a pink shade forming on top of that, in a rounded format. This Prayer Plant will use its air-purifying qualities to remove harmful pollutants and unwanted toxins, adding great benefits to the surrounding area.
  • Plant Advice: This plant should be should be placed in bright, indirect light. Watering should be carried out once a week throughout the year. However, due to its love of humidity, misting it with water in between those periods is recommended. In Winter, the level of water can be reduced due to the drop in temperature.
  • *Images are for illustrative purposes only. Plant supplied in a growers pot, decorative pot not included.