GardenersDream Goldfish Flakes | Premium Grade Aquatic Fish Food Mix | Healthy and Nutritious Feed for Coldwater Life | High Protein, Great Source of Vitamins & Easily Digestible In Tubs (2.5L)

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  • PREMIUM GRADE GOLDFISH FLAKES - GardenersDream Goldfish Flakes provide a complete, balanced diet for all varieties of goldfish coldwater aquarium fish. The flakes are made from an enhanced, nutrient-rich formula to provide goldfish with all the necessary requirements to maintain a stable diet.
  • PROTEIN-RICH, FULL OF HEALTHY VITAMINS & MINERALS - These flakes contain high levels of vitamin C & E to develop tough immune systems and strong fins. In addition, the flakes are a great high-protein source to help drive optimal growth.
  • EVERYDAY BALANCED MEAL - Goldfish Flakes should be fed up to two times a day to ensure a healthy, balanced diet. The flakes will float and cover the whole surface of tanks to allow your fish to each as much as they want to consume.
  • ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Made from sustainably sourced ingredients that are easily digestible and produce less waste, keeping the water in your tank clearer. Perfect for various types of goldfish, including Lionheads, Fantails & Shubunkins.