Ficus Golden King | 30-40cm Potted Variegated Weeping Fig | Home Office Plant

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  • GORGEOUS LEAF VARIEGATION - The leaf colours are very attractive. They make sure that the Ficus Golden King has no trouble in standing out, with the green and white variegation showing up beautifully.
  • GREAT FOR INDOOR PLACEMENT - The Ficus Golden King is extremely attractive on the eye and won't struggle to fit into any indoor setting, whether that be a home, office or other indoor space.
  • BENEFICIAL FOR THE ATMOSPHERE - The Ficus Golden King will add benefits to the room you choose to situate it in through the use of its air-purifying qualities. It will efficiently remove harmful pollutants and unwanted toxins from the air.
  • MINIMAL CARE GUIDE - Ensure you place the Ficus Golden King in bright, indirect light. Then, water the plant once a week, ensuring the soil dries out between waterings. Also, don't allow it to stand in water at any time and mist the plant every so often.
  • *Images are for illustrative purposes only. Plant supplied in a growers pot, decorative pot not included.