Calathea Rattlesnake Plant | Indoor Potted Plant for Home or Office

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  • Latin Name: Calathea Lancifolia
  • Common Name: Rattlesnake Plant
  • Characteristics: The Calathea Insignis, most commonly known as the Rattlesnake Plant is an evergreen plant which has shades of green on top of the foliage, with dark green patches either side of the midrib of each leaf. As with many Calatheas, it also has a reddish-pink underside on each leaf, giving the plant a really nice contrast.
  • Plant Advice: During summer months, water the plant around two or three times a month, ensuring the soil is kept moist during this period. In Wintertime, watering the plant becomes less regular, so you should only water the Rattlesnake Plant if the top soil is dry to touch. The care it needs is very minimal over the calendar year, it’s not a plant that is likely to cause you much hassle.
  • *Images are for illustrative purposes only. Plant supplied in a growers pot, decorative pot not included.