Calathea Flamestar Indoor Prayer Plant for Home or Office (30-40cm Incl Pot)

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  • Latin Name: Calathea veitchiana Flamestar
  • Common Name: Prayer Plant
  • Characteristics: The Calathea Flamestar is an indoor plant with some gorgeous, well-finished and eye-catching foliage. The array of colour upon each leaf is made up of both light and dark green shades, which allow the plant to bring a real sense of vibrance and freshness into the indoor setting it is placed in. The plant is also air-purifying, meaning it will clear the air of any harmful pollutants and unwanted toxins.
  • Plant Advice: The Flamestar will require a watering once every couple of weeks, with the main advice being to water it when the top soil is no longer moist. During the periods between watering, you can mist the plant to heighten the humidity levels as the Flamestar will appreciate this. When placing the plant somewhere indoors, ensure it is a location where direct sunlight is not a constant feature - this will damage the plants leaves in the long term.
  • *Images are for illustrative purposes only. Plant supplied in a growers pot, decorative pot not included.