Aglaonema Maria Christina Chinese Evergreen Plant Home Office (25-35cm with Pot)

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  • Latin Name: Aglaonema Maria Christina
  • Common Name: Chinese Evergreen
  • Characteristics: The Aglaonema Maria Christina, more commonly known as the Chinese Evergreen, is an indoor plant that is great for all levels of plant lover, whether that is beginner or veteran. The plants foliage is a lovely shade of vivid, mint green, mixed with darker shades in a sporadic fashion throughout. The plant is widely regarded as reliable and easy to care for, wih air-purifying qualities also being another benefit to housing this plant.
  • Plant Advice: Place the plant in bright, indirect light in order to get the best out of it. Direct sunlight will damage the plants leaves so please avoid this. Water the plant so the top soil is moist, doing this process up to three times a month. Wintetime is when you can reduce watering levels as temperatures drop.
  • *Images are for illustrative purposes only. Plant supplied in a growers pot, decorative pot not included.